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Hi, my name is Anne and welcome to http://salmonsbestrecipe.blogspot.com. most people apprehend me from my common food blog http://salmonsbestrecipe.blogspot.com or because the weekly food author for PBS oldsters. However, this web site is home to personal reflections about life because it happens. I started Everyday Alice because I wanted an area I might share my thoughts with you outside the realm of food.

On December twenty eight, 2010, my father was suddenly killed in a pedestrian/auto accident. As a result, my mother moved in with our family. I share this with you because several of my blog posts (lately) chronicle the transition of getting my mom live with us. It’s been terribly therapeutic to method my thoughts out loud during this troublesome time. However, my posts are not limited to this transition. I additionally post blogging tips, things i like, adventures in parenting, thoughts on marriage, and inspiring reflections to inspire individuals from a religion perspective.

Here are another facts about me:

Wife to Rob – just celebrated our 11 yr. Anniversary Jan. 2011
Mom to 3 great, amazing kids: Abbi-10, Mimi-8, and Eli 3
i really like low, chocolate, photography, gadgets, and technology

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